See Paris as a Traveler, Not as a Tourist

What We Do

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We organize small group tours to Paris and nearby places.    We stay in clean, comfortable, and quiet hotels located in central Paris.    We eat in authentic Parisian bistros with the locals.   We see the major sites of Paris, but also a side of Paris that those big tour companies would not dare take you to.   Our tours offer the structure of a guided itinerary each and every day.  Or, we can custom-design an itinerary if you wish to travel independently.

It’s like traveling to Paris with a group of friends, with someone who knows all the ins and outs of Paris leading the way.

We offer Paris to you at an exceptional value.

Paris tours for women Small Group Tours to Paris

What Kind of People Travel With Us to Paris?

Most of our travelers are from their 30’s to 60’s.  We certainly have people who travel with us to Paris who are in their 70’s and a few in their 20’s.   Usually, about half of those who travel with us are traveling with a companion.   Our trips are excellent for single women travelers, as they make up the majority of our unaccompanied travelers to Paris.

All of our travelers are in good health, are able to walk several miles per day, go up and down stairs, get on and off busses and trains.

People from all over the United States and Canada join us on our small group tours to Paris.

Why Travel With the Traveling Professor to Paris?

It’s easy to say that “we do things different than other tour companies”.  But let me tell you why:

  • Our tours are exceptional values, and we do not sacrifice comfort or luxury.
  • We travel in small groups.    We can efficiently travel from site to site, eat in smaller and more authentic restaurants,  have a more flexible itinerary.
  • We take local transportation, stay in small boutique hotels, eat in authentic restaurants to give you a more genuine Paris experience as opposed to the large tour companies that bus you all over town to only the major attractions, who put you up in sanitized tourist hotels, and take you to restaurants that are only big enough to handle large volumes of tourists.   Travel to Paris with me as a small group and you will experience the city as a traveler, not as a tourist.
  • We do see all the major sites of Paris, but I will take you to places that no other tour company takes you.  In the past we have:

What You Won’t Experience on the Tour

  • One of those 60-seater impersonal tour busses that do nothing but put a barrier between you and what you came to see
  • Being given a sales pitch to purchase a more expensive excursion once you get to Paris
  • Being steered to specific shops, restaurants, boutiques, etc. where a tour guide gets a kickback on your purchases

Additionally, our guides do not accept tips.